Gawsworth Outage

Customers in Gawsworth and Macclesfield are currently offline due to a damaged mast.

Estimated Resolution Time: 12:00 Sat 3rd March 2018

Our engineers have been unable to access the site due to stong-winds and access constraints due to the snow, ice & steep terrain.

Arrangements have been made to re-attempt access first light tomorrow morning when support vehicles will be on-hand to assist with the access.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we are doing everything we can to safely access the site and make repairs.

Update 8:45am Sat 3rd

Our engineers have gained access and repair work is underway however the wind on the hill may cause some disruption to our work. Our engineers are doing their best however safety must come first. We will issue a further update at or before 11am.

Update 2:40pm Sat 3rd
Our engineers fully restored service at 12:15 this afternoon. We expect no further disruption to service.

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