UsageGuard - Trials

At Vispa we understand that usage data limits can be frustrating and the onset of bill shock can be worrisome.

Whilst we do our utmost to advise our customers of overuse charges in weekly emails and MyAccount, we have worked with our suppliers to support data capping; or what we like to call Usage Guard.

We truly believe that the internet should be completely unlimited but with growing wireless networks, it's not always possible. While we're working on making our network unlimited, in the meantime we're able to offer you the peace of mind that you won't exceed your data cap with Usage Guard.

Usage Guard will monitor your usage on an hourly basis and should your package data limit be reached, it will automatically limit your broadband connection to 512k. It's enough for general browsing an email but will prevent any further large downloads. Should you wish to upgrade your package you can likewise you may also remove the restriction.

Usage Guard is an opt-in system. It's currently in trials but you can request to have it activated by emailing

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