Obtaining an Accurate Speed Test

If you want to know the true speed of your broadband connection, you'll need to conduct a speed test. There are however some simple rules to follow to ensure your test results are accurate.

Ensure you connect to your router using an Ethernet cable
Your ISP will guarantee speeds up to your broadband router. It's important to connect your PC or Laptop directly to the router (as shown in the diagram below). Any speed tests carried out using wireless devices will be inaccurate as these tests will be greatly reduced by additional factors such as the strength & type of your wireless router, distance between devices, electrical interference etc...


Make sure nothing else in your home is streaming or downloading
It's always best to conduct a speed test whilst no devices are using the internet. The easiest way do ensure this is to temporarily disable or change your wifi security password and also disconnect all other ethernet cables (apart from your PC/Laptop which you are testing from). Remember, if other devices happen to be streaming at the time of your test, the result could be inaccurate.

Use Vispa's speed test site
There are lots of bottlenecks that may also affect your speed test result and choosing a speed test server closest to your ISP's network is key. For example, choosing a speed test server in London will show a lower result than one in Manchester (where Vispa's network is based). For your convenience, Vispa host a speed test server within their network which is provided by Ookla (who operate speedtest.net). Using our tester will also store your test results automatically for our support technicians to view.

You can access Vispa's speed test at http://speedtest.vispa.net

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