Setting up your Linksys router with PPPoE

  1. Connect your PC or laptop to the router using a network cable. Connect to one of the blue LAN ports on the back of your router

  2. Once connected, open your web browser and go to one of the following URL's (note, the IP may be different depending on which model router you have). or
  3. Your Linksys router login page should display. Login with username admin and password admin
  4. Once logged in, select Basic Setup.
  5. Select PPPoE from the drop-down box and enter the username & password provided to you by Vispa. The username will end with ''. Ensure Keep Alive: Redial Period is selected and set to 30.

  6. Select the Wireless tab and ensure Wi-Fi protected setup and WPS is enabled.

  7. Select the Wireless Security sub tab. Select WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode from the Security Mode drop-down. Enter your chosen Wi-Fi key in the two passphrase boxes below (this is the password your devices will use to connect to your wi-fi network).